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This is a speech about why cars shouldn't exist. From this piece of writing I have found the punctuation challenging. The speech group has taught me some really good things you need to know about speeches, like using persuasive language. I hope you are persuaded that cars should not exist. I hope you enjoy my fun facts.

My goal: Show examples of single compound and complex sentencesScreenshot 2015-10-15 at 9.51.41 AM.png

Introduction: Vroom Vroom No way get out of here! Do you like cars? I don't!
Hi my names Hunter Today i'm going to be saying three reasons about why cars should not
exist. 1. Cars are a pain!  2. If cars didn't exist  3. How accidents occur on the road. I hope you enjoy.  

Cars are a pain because.... A Lot of people would get fitter from walking / jogging/ running everywhere because some people are really fat and lazy and drive everywhere! Some kids would scooter bike and walk there would also be less cars outside their school. People would also get a good workout and Kids would be able to walk to school instead of their mums getting the baby up out of the cot / bed and putting them in a car seat. There is proven research that says if you walk places you are more fitter. Therefore cars should not be used.

If cars did not exist the world wouldn't get polluted! Cars and trucks have a petroll or a diesel engine. That diesel and petroll comes out the exhaust pipe and all that smoke well that's where is comes from! Well not all of it people do smoke eww Yuck! We also need plants and trees to survive Because they provide oxygen and we need that to breath! The smoke of the exhaust will kill all the plant and trees. This is what would happen if cars didn't exist... There would be no smoke or fumes from cars or trucks. People would get fresher air and also fresher water. There will be no fumes and no roads so more people would be able to walk on foot paths. Pools would get more money and there would be more people at the pools. These reasons have proven to you that
A Lot of people have accidents on the road well some people can be drugged up or drunk DON'T DO THAT KIDS! Or some people can just be stupid and drive stupidly. About 375 people die on the road every year. That's Bad! silly people cause accidents by texting while driving. Driving on the wrong side of the road etc. Accents occur on the road with the road being slippery from ice and water.

I have just proven to you that cars should not exist! I hope I have changed your mind about liking cars and only a fool would still like cars! Thanks for listening I hope you enjoyed my speech. Here a cool fact:

The first auto mobile was built in 1885

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